Boat Tariffs
Bavaria yacht

The tariffs are structured in such a way to allow flexibility of usage; you may want to stay on board certain nights, but not on others.

Other durations may be preferable to you, just ask and we can come up with the appropriate arrangement and cost.

Standard embarkation 09:30h, standard disembarkation 17:00h.


Including Skipper and welcome pack (excluding fuel, food and berthing fees):

1 Day Charter € 490
2 Day Charter € 1,250
3 Day Charter € 1,795
4 Day Charter € 2,395
5 Day Charter € 2,940
6 Day Charter € 3,375
7 Day Charter € 3,810

Fuel is charged on an hourly engine useage basis:

Per hour € 8

Meals can be provided on board (any special dietary requirements to be advised)

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